Minecraft 100 Squares Done

Nov 30, 14 Minecraft 100 Squares Done

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In January I decided to make a Minecraft quilt for my son’s 12th birthday.  Fast forward 11 crazy busy months later, I am finally getting around to making it.  Luckily my son understood why I couldn’t make it for him earlier this year.  I hope to get it done for his 13th birthday in January! Last week I spent a couple of mornings cutting up the 100 squares of fabric for Creeper’s face :).  Then I had some fun trying to duplicate the layout I previously planned here.  I couldn’t get it quite the same but it was good enough for me to start sewing. Today I spent the day sewing up all 100 squares.  Being a newbie, I’ve always had trouble lining up all my joins.  A friend suggested I use a walking foot to sew up the rows for this quilt.  So glad I listened as my joins are roughly lined up!  They are not perfect but it is the best I have ever done!  LOL I was congratulating myself on lining up the joins when I realised I accidentally sewed 2 same coloured squares next to each other!  Luckily my son doesn’t mind so I kept on going :). Next I am going to add a grey border at the top and bottom of the quilt to make it more rectangular in shape.  I am also going to add a thin grey border down the sides to keep Creeper more square in the centre/middle of the quilt.  Hope that makes sense! Linking up with Stitch by Stitch’s Anything Goes Mondays (1st December), Blossom Heart Quilts’ Sew Cute Tuesday (2nd December) and Freshly Pieced’s WIP Wednesday (3rd December)....

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