My Minecraft Quilt plan

Happy New Year!

My first born baby will be turning 12 years old in a few days and he has asked for a Minecraft quilt.  I have put everything on hold and hope to get it done in time!

I could not find any pattern online so I googled for a picture of Creeper that was made up of 100 pixels/squares. From the picture, twenty of the squares were black for the eyes and mouth.  That left 80 squares for the shades of green.  Luckily Spotlight had a sale on and also had 8 different shades of green available i.e. 10 squares of each shade of green.

I took pics of each of the fabric and moved them around until I was happy with their placement.  Here’s my Minecraft quilt layout plan.

The plan for my Minecraft Quilt

The plan for my Minecraft Quilt


Spotlight only had charcoal fabric which I do not think is black enough.  What do you think?  I might have to buy another black fabric and compare.

I plan to add a thick sashing in dark grey fabric across the top and bottom to make it longer.  My son has asked for Minecraft to be spelt out.  Not sure yet whether I would spell “Mine” at the top and “craft” at the bottom or just “Minecraft” at the top or “Minecraft” at the bottom.

Now to cut out the squares :).




  1. It’s looking good! Black might stand out a little more, but if that’s that you have it still works well 🙂

    • Thanks Jo :). I bought some black fabric and it is so much more darker than the charcoal :). Just waiting for kids to go back to school so I can finish it :).

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