Rainbow Strip and Flip Variation

A couple of years ago I bought a jelly roll of Kona Cotton Solids (from Robert Kaufman) online from Craftsy.  I had planned to use the jelly roll to make a Strip and Flip Quilt on Cluck Cluck Sew blog.  On Friday I got an unexpected call from work saying that I did not need to work.  Yay!  With nothing else planned for the day, I decided to sew this quilt top.

The jelly roll came with 2 strips of 20 colours.  I decided to leave out 3 colours (black, white & cream) and sewed up each 17 colours together.  This gave me two halves to join together at the end.  Unfortunately I made a BIG mistake when I came to cut my quilt top halves to flip.  I was supposed to cut the quilt top halves into 8″, 5″ and 30″ width sections.  Because I folded each quilt top halves in half to square off, I accidentally cut 2 lots of 8″ width sections and 2 lots of 5 ” sections!!!

To solve this mistake, I decided to cut more white strips and flip both 5″ width sections.  So instead of making a Strip and Flip quilt, I made a slight variation of it!


Rainbow Strip & Flip Quilt Top

Rainbow Strip & Flip Variation Quilt Top


Rainbow Strip & Flip Quilt Top

Rainbow Strip & Flip Variation Quilt Top


I kind of like it but I am now tempted to make another Strip and Flip quilt.  Time to go shopping for more jelly rolls :).


Quilt Top Details:

  • Current size is 48″ x 66″
  • Pieced by me
  • Jelly roll of Kona Cotton Solids (from Robert Kaufman)


I’ve decided to link up with Young Texan Mama’s Sew Cute Tuesday (25th October 2016).



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