Shuttle Tatting

Craftsy is having a Flash Sale for 24 hours and I knew what I wanted to buy i.e. Marilee Rockley’s online shuttle tatting class.  You can check out what is on sale in the link below.



My cousin has taught me the basics of shuttle tatting 2 years ago but with part time work and young kids, we had trouble arranging a suitable time for more lessons.  When I saw Craftsy having a Flash sale and the Shuttle Tatting class was included in the sale, I knew I had to enrol in the class.

The wonderful thing about Craftsy is that I can watch (& learn) whenever I want.  No more trying to organise a time that is suitable with my cousin.  I have access to these lessons 24/7 and for life. I can do the 30 seconds repeat to see a technique again and again without feeling bad about asking my cousin to show me the technique a few more times.  Truthfully it was more like 10 or more times haha.

I am so excited and keen to start watching my first Shuttle Tatting lesson.  I am relearning needle tatting so it wasn’t difficult to dig out my 4 shuttles.  LOL I am already dreaming of purchasing one of those gorgeous wooden shuttles.  Better learn to shuttle tat first :).

My shuttles for shuttle tatting

My shuttles for shuttle tatting



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