Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sep 14, 13 Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

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My 4yo daughter did some baking at Kindy yesterday and loved the choc chip cookies they made.  Luckily the Kindy sent the recipe as part of the Kindy’s Newsletter last night. This is not my recipe and I do not know where it was sourced from except it was provided by a mother at Kindy.  We tried the recipe today and we love them!   We have tried a lot of choc chip recipes but they always harden after they cooled down. These stayed soft after they cooled down – soft and chewy!  They were too yummy not to share the recipe with others :).     Ingredients: 125 g melted margarine ½ cup caster sugar ½ cup brown sugar 1 egg ½ teaspoon vanilla ½ teaspoon salt 1 ¾ cups of sifted self raising flour (OR sifted wholemeal self raising flour) 125g choc chips   Steps: Melt margarine in microwave for 30 seconds. Add sugars and cream the suger with the butter. Mix in egg, salt and vanilla essence. Add sifted flour and chocolate chips.  Mix until ingredients are combined. Roll into balls, place on baking trays, flatten and add extra chocolate chips on the top. Bake in a moderate oven (180 degrees C) for 10-15 minutes Leave on trays for 5 minutes after taking out of oven before placing on cooling racks. Enjoy!...

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Mod Podge fabric covered book

Sep 13, 13 Mod Podge fabric covered book

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My mum gave my girls some note books she did not want.  Only problem was they were all different with some new and some old with a few pages ripped out.  I can just imagine the fights of who will get the best ones and who will get the old ones. To avoid the fights, I had promised my 6yo daughter that I will cover the old books with fabric.  I found this Mod Podge fabric covered books tutorial at Mod Podge Rocks website and gave it a try today. Too easy and my 6yo daughter loves the new look.  Now to cover the rest of the old note books :). The fabric used to cover the book is Two Monkeys Fabrics: Girly Parade....

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Star Block

Sep 12, 13 Star Block

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Today I attempted a rotary cut star block today using these two tutorials: Berrima Patchwork’s Friendship Star Block and Delaware Quilts’ Spinning Star Block The star block is my contribution to a quilt being made to be raffled with money raised going to a family with a daughter who suffers from Cystinosis.  The blocks had to be in blue or yellow with a hint of green.  Here is my star block...

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Hexagon Needle Book

Sep 11, 13 Hexagon Needle Book

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For my mug rug swap friend, I made something extra to go with the mug rugs i.e. a hexagon needle book using My Three Sons’ Hexagon Needle book tutorial.  I used the same fabric as the Hexagon Log Cabin Mug Rug so they match.  Only problem was that I forgot to take a photo before sending it. Doh! So I made another one today.  Luckily I just received a gorgeous Charm Pack in the mail this week :). The tutorial was easy to follow and the needle book was quick to sew up.  I had to use the walking foot for the last step as 4 layers of wool felt was too thick to go under my sewing foot.  Love making these and will definitely be making more :). The fabric used for the front and back of the Hexagon needle book is Scrumptious by Bonnie and Camille.  Love their fabric range/designs....

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My Mug Rugs for a Swap

Sep 09, 13 My Mug Rugs for a Swap

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A group of Aussie quilting ladies on Facebook decided to do a Mug Rug swap.  I quickly googled “mug rug” and had to participate in the swap :).  We had to make 2 to send to a special friend and will be receiving 2 from a different special friend.  The mug rugs were quick & fun to make.  It allowed me to practice piecing, basting, quilting and binding in a much smaller scale. My first mug rug is a Reversible Mug Rug made using this tutorial by Stitching by Starlight.  I was aiming for a mug rug size of approximately 6″ x 8″ so I modified the pattern slightly.  For my mug rug, I cut the following: 4 strips of 2.5″ x 6.5″ 3 strips 2.5″ x 9.5″ For the binding, I used the single fold binding tutorial by Samelia’s Mum. The fabric range I used for this mug rug is Fandango by Kate Spain.  Instead of using the word “java”, I appliquéd the letter “F’ for my swap person’s name :).   For my second mug rug, I made a Log Cabin Hexagon Block using Sewing Chick’s tutorial but with a much smaller starting hexagon piece.  I then added white fabric to make the block a rectangle. For the binding, I used this easiest cheat binding tutorial by Pretty Prudent. I have no details for the fabric I used for this block as it was purchased for me by my sister in Japan.   I have really enjoyed making these mug rugs and hope my special friend likes them :).  I plan to make many more.  I also made something extra to send but forgot to take a photo of it.  Looks like I now have to make one for myself :)....

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My Star Surround Dolly Quilt

The Star Surround QAL is nearing the end.  To see the other gorgeous Star Surround quilt tops, please visit Happy Quilting’s blog post.  You will need to scroll down towards the end of the blog post :). I am still learning to quilt so only did straight line quilting using a walking foot to quilt my Star Surround dolly quilt.  I went around the star and the star surround.  I also quilted the square outline of the block.  For the binding, I used this easiest cheat binding tutorial by Pretty Prudent. My 4yo DD loves her dolly quilt and insisted Belle use it that night :).   Here is the dolly bed my husband made for our 4yo DD.  It was supposed to be for her 3rd birthday.  LOL 15 months late is better than not finishing it at all :).  The dolly bed was made using Ana White Homemaker’s Doll Farmhouse Bed tutorial found here.  DH initially painted it white but DD insisted the bed be purple so he spray painted it purple. The Star Surround dolly quilt on the dolly bed.  Now to make a mattress with matching sheets and pillow :). Two of the chosen fabric used in the dolly quilt is from the fabric range Veranda Screen Print by Amanda Murphy for Robert Kaufman.  The purple print is D#11500 and the yellow print is D#...

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