Healing Heart Blocks

Sep 03, 13 Healing Heart Blocks

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I am doing a Mug Rug swap with some lovely Aussie ladies in a Facebook group.  The son of one of the ladies passed away recently so the rest of us in the group decided to make a quilt for her.  The quilt will be made up of healing heart blocks contributed by members in the Facebook group and other quilters who know her.   Here are my healing heart blocks using cream fabric and country coloured fabric. Heart Block 3 was made using a method I just discovered i.e. paperless foundation paper piecing.  This method involves making the block the same way as foundation paper piecing but you don’t actually sew on the paper.  This allow you to reuse the pattern paper again and again.  I am happy with the way the block turned out and will be trying this method again for other quilting blocks :)....

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