Easy Cold Packs To Make

Dec 21, 12 Easy Cold Packs To Make

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While I was making Gertie Gecko Heat Pack, a friend (thank you Kylie S) told me that she used to make cold packs with wheat.  What an awesome idea!!!  Every time my kids bump themselves, they would ask for a little cold gel pack.  They work really well except over time the pack breaks and the gel would leak out.  Here are 3 cold packs I made using the leftover pearl barley. These cold packs were really quick & easy to make.  This is how I made them: Decide on a size and draw that sized square on a cardboard, trace & cut out the squares from corduroy fabric, sew the squares right side together leaving a gap to turn right side out, top stitch around leaving gap open/not stitched, fill with pearl barley or wheat, top stitch the gap closed. As these cold packs are made with fabric, it is best to store these in a snap lock bag or sealed plastic bag to keep them  dry in the freezer.  Easy peasy...

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