Fave Links

I want to keep everything in the one place where I can easily access them so I will be moving most of my bookmarks from my browser to links listed here. These are either my favourite links or informative links. This is an ongoing list :).


Favourite Quilting Blogs/Websites:


Quilting Related Links:


Free Online Quilting Tutorials and Patterns:


Knitting Links and Tutorials:

  • www.knittinghelp.com – Awesome collection of knitting videos.  Great for beginners.
  • Video for knitting cables without cable needle here
  • 2 Circular Needles knitting for small diameter here
  • LionBrand blog post about knitting cables without cable needle here
  • TechKnitting blog post about binding off circular knits here
  • Neat edge for garter stitch here
  • How to neaten up a sloppy edge stitch – Craftsy tutorial here
  • Knitting Stitch Patterns – A library of knitting stitches



  • Ravelry – Lots of crochet & knitting patterns
  • Craftsy – Onlines classes & patterns