Farmer’s Wife Sampler Block 30

Oct 30, 13 Farmer’s Wife Sampler Block 30

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I have been trying to finish some WIPs that I have neglected my Farmer’s Wife Sampler quilt.  I have recently  finished my youngest daughter’s quilt so I took a break to make Block #30 End of Day :). Here are my 15 blocks so far for Farmer’s Wife Sampler quilt.  Except for one block, they were all made by foundation paper piecing.   I am linking this blog post with Stitch by Stitch’s Anything Goes Monday (28th Oct 2013), Blossom Heart Quilts’ Sew Cute (29th Oct 2013), Freshly Pieced’s WIP Wednesday (30th Oct 2013), Quiet Play’s Paper Piecing party (1st Nov 2013).  You can find out more information for both here:      Now back to quilting/finishing my other daughter’s quilt...

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What is Craftsy?

Oct 26, 13 What is Craftsy?

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I first discovered Craftsy in July 2012 through a friend who shared a link to a free Short Rows Knitting Class.  I have not learnt this technique so I enrolled in the class.  Carol Feller is a fantastic teacher.  She explains and shows you how to do short rows using several easy methods.  I was able to watch and learn in my own time which is usually when the kids are napping or asleep at night.  I have been hooked on Craftsy classes ever since :).   What is Craftsy? Craftsy is a worldwide craft community offering online classes 24/7.  It also has a patterns marketplace where independent designers can sell their patterns; a supplies shop with great deals on yarn, fabric, and class kits; and a projects section where members share pictures of their latest craft successes. With over two million members and counting, Craftsy has something for just about everyone, in categories ranging from quilting, sewing, knitting, painting, photography, cooking, and more.   Why should I take a class online? Online education is not just for schools and universities any more.  Craftsy courses provide you the convenience of a world-class instructor in your home, whenever you want to learn. Online education, no matter what subject, is a great alternative to in-person classes for a number of reasons. With many online learning opportunities being on-demand, you are able to learn at your own pace, any time. Online learning is a fantastic alternative to in-store craft classes for people with busy schedules or who have difficulty leaving the house. It also allows you to watch a troubling section over-and-over again, so you can see exactly how a technique is carried out, or refer back to your class for relevant concepts before beginning any new projects.   Interested in trying Craftsy but do not want to enrol in a paid class.  Why not check out Craftsy by enrolling in one of the Free Craftsy Classes today.  You will not regret it :).  I am enrolled in all Craftsy’s free classes but have not...

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Shuttle Tatting

Oct 26, 13 Shuttle Tatting

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Craftsy is having a Flash Sale for 24 hours and I knew what I wanted to buy i.e. Marilee Rockley’s online shuttle tatting class.  You can check out what is on sale in the link below.     My cousin has taught me the basics of shuttle tatting 2 years ago but with part time work and young kids, we had trouble arranging a suitable time for more lessons.  When I saw Craftsy having a Flash sale and the Shuttle Tatting class was included in the sale, I knew I had to enrol in the class. The wonderful thing about Craftsy is that I can watch (& learn) whenever I want.  No more trying to organise a time that is suitable with my cousin.  I have access to these lessons 24/7 and for life. I can do the 30 seconds repeat to see a technique again and again without feeling bad about asking my cousin to show me the technique a few more times.  Truthfully it was more like 10 or more times haha. I am so excited and keen to start watching my first Shuttle Tatting lesson.  I am relearning needle tatting so it wasn’t difficult to dig out my 4 shuttles.  LOL I am already dreaming of purchasing one of those gorgeous wooden shuttles.  Better learn to shuttle tat first :)....

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Fourth month of Easy As ABC QAL

Oct 23, 13 Fourth month of Easy As ABC QAL

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Time is flying by really quickly.  I had plans to make these blocks at the beginning of this month but there were too many school events keeping me busy.  Luckily there was nothing planned today so I quickly made up the blocks for this month.  Here are my 5 blocks for this month. Here are all the blocks so far.  I can not wait to finish all the blocks and piece it all together :). To find out more information about Easy As ABC QAL, please visit Blossom Heart Quilts’ Easy As ABC QAL :).   I am linking this up with Blossom Heart Quilts’ Sew Cute Tuesday (22nd Oct 2013) and Freshly Pieced’s WIP Wednesday (23rd Oct 2013).  ...

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Needle Tatting 2

Oct 22, 13 Needle Tatting 2

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I found The Piney Woods Tatter’s Interlocking chains and rings tutorial on Intatters and had to try it.  It took me several goes but I think I got it.  Keen to try her other interlocking tutorials/patterns next :).   I also tried some Celtic tatting with this simple heart pattern which can be found on Ruth Perry’s website.  You will need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for the pattern.   Next I decided to try something a little more complex: Tat-a-Renda’s Folded Bookmark.  I made a mistake in the first part (missed 2 lines of tatting) so I improvised and hope no one notices my mistake :).  Now to stiffen it so I can start using it as a bookmark :)....

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Completed Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt Top

Oct 14, 13 Completed Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt Top

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One of my WIP is a disappearing nine patch quilt top for my youngest daughter.  Her favourite colour is purple so I chose 3 purple prints and one yellow print to match. The quilt top was meant to be all disappearing nine patch pattern but I miscalculated as it turned out smaller than I thought it would be.  Did some unpicking and added white sashing to make the overall size  bigger. I’m not sure whether this is the right way to do it but I have been basting my big quilts in halves on my dining table.  Here I have basted the top half already and about to baste the bottom half of the quilt. Now to quilt and bind it :).  My daughter loves it and realised that it matches the Star Surround dolly quilt I made for her dolly bed.   Two of the chosen fabric used in the dolly quilt is from the fabric range Veranda Screen Print by Amanda Murphy for Robert Kaufman.  The purple print is D#11500 and the yellow print is D# 11485.   I am linking this blog post with Freshly Pieced’s WIP Wednesday (16th Oct 2013).  You can find out more information...

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