My First Completed Quilt

Oct 11, 13 My First Completed Quilt

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Yay!  I finally finished the hand sewing for my first completed quilt.  Now to wash and gift to my friend and her baby boy :). More pics of this quilt can be found here: My first nearly finished quilt blog post. I’ve decided to link up with Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? at Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Finish it up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts and TGIFF at Quilt...

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Floating ring with 2 needles

Oct 09, 13 Floating ring with 2 needles

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Yay!  I finally figured out how to throw rings (floating rings) using 2 needles in needle tatting :).  The original video I learnt it from is no longer available but I found this YouTube video that shows the same thing here.  So easy and so much more neater than doing it with 1 needle. The completed tatted snowflake.  I am really happy with it and can not wait to try something more complex :).  As for the pattern, this is something simple I made up so I could practice floating...

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FWS Quilt Block 77 Seasons

Oct 04, 13 FWS Quilt Block 77 Seasons

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Finally found some time this week to paper piece Block 77 Seasons for my Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt. I must be out of practice as some of the yellow pieces were cut slightly too small.  Hopefully there is enough seam allowance there when I piece all the blocks together :). I have decided to join in Kristy’s Paper Piecing Party on her blog – Quiet Play.   For more information about her Paper Piecing Party, please visit her blog here:   Hoping to find some time to paper piece more blocks for my FWS quilt next week :)....

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My first nearly finished Quilt

Oct 04, 13 My first nearly finished Quilt

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A family friend had a baby boy recently and I had to make a quilt for her little boy.  I decided to use the Charm Squares Baby Quilts Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.  You can find the free pattern on her website here. Spotlight had a sale where all fat quarters were $1.  I managed to find 4 robot themed prints to use.  Unfortunately there is no mention of the fabric designer on the selvage. The pattern asked for 5 different prints so I had to use a blue solid coloured homespun fabric as a 5th print for this quilt.  I decided to use the solid colour to separate the print fabrics and used one of the print twice in each row to form an “X”. One thing good about a small quilt is that it is really easy to baste on my dining table :). I used a walking foot to quilt roughly straight lines 1 inch apart using the guide that it came with.  LOL I definitely need more practice :). Below are pics of the front and back of the quilt with first stage of binding done.  I recently unpacked some stuff (we moved 18 months ago) and discovered a packet of Bobby pins for hair.  I trailed them while sewing on binding on my first Mug Rugs and loved it.  No more poking myself with pins while adjusting and sewing on the binding :).  I am new to quilting so I am sure others would already know about this.   Now to finish hand sew the binding and hope my friend and her baby boy likes it :).   Gemma at Pretty Bobbins is having her first “I Quilt” linky party (4th Oct 2013) and I thought I would join in with this blog post :). You can find out more information here:...

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Needle Tatting 1

Oct 03, 13 Needle Tatting 1

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It has been a few years since I needle tatted so I had to pretty much relearn how to needle tat.  Here’s my progress so far as I relearn needle tatting :).   Basics: I taught myself again how to needle tat using TotusMel’s YouTube video: Needle Tatting Flower Pendant.  TotusMel goes through how to do double stitch, picot, ring & chain while making a simple flower pendant.  She also has a few other YouTube needle tatting videos.   I attempted another simple pattern with an extra row/round of chain stitches.  Need to work on being consistent with ring size and chain length.   Adding Beads: Using RustiKate’s Tatting YouTube video: Tatting – #2 Adding Beads (b) in Needle Tatting: method one, I tatted the same simple flower pendant but this time added some beads on the picot.  RustiKate also have a great range of YouTube  needle tatting videos.   I tatted a different flower pendant using the variations of RustiKate’s first method for adding beads i.e. 3 beads in a picot and a bead between rings.  This was fun to do but I must find some beads that have holes big enough for my smallest crochet hook.  Or buy a smaller crochet hook :).   Throwing Rings off a chain: Next I tried throwing rings (or floating rings) off a chain using this tutorial here.  Must try throwing rings off a ring next.   Two colour needle tatting: Here’s my attempt at 2 Colour needle tatting using TotusMel’s  Two Colour Needle Tatting YouTube video.  Going to attempt this again :).   2 Rows of tatting: Aiming for something a bit more complex, I attempted This ‘n’ That’s Snowflake 3 pattern.   I had fun tatting this snowflake.   Next is to learn how to starch/stiffen/block my completed tatted pieces and learn other tatting techniques...

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