Getting back into Needle Tatting

I first came across tatting while sitting on a train on my way to uni (~1997).  The lady tatting was using a shuttle.  I thought the craft was awesome and did some research to find out what it was and to see whether I can teach myself.  I discovered that it was tatting, found some books at the local library but I was not able to figure it out from the drawings or photos in the book.

Fast forward at least 5 years, my cousin moved to Brisbane and decided to take up tatting again.  As soon as I saw her doing it, I asked her to teach me.  She taught me the basics for shuttle tatting but I just could not get it looking neat and beautiful like her tatted items.

A few years ago I discovered needle tatting and I was hooked.  I bought some tatting needles from Amazon but had to wait so I practised with a doll making needle.  All I can say is ouch!  Luckily my tatting needles arrived and saved me from poking myself :).  I have tatted a few small things which I have given to my 6yo daughter.

Recently I decided to get back into needle tatting.  Here are my attempts at some simple flower pieces I tatted on a long drive up the coast to visit a relative.

Needle Tatting some simple flowers

Needle Tatting some simple flowers

Next is to attempt a snowflake design and learn shuttle tatting again :).


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