Starting On the Spice Market

For my On the Spice Market (OTSM) shawl, I’ve decided to do my 6 colours in the order below:

  • Aconite (yellow) – CC1
  • Crab Apple (green) – CC2
  • Tweed (lighter blue) – CC3
  • Harbour (dark blue) – CC4
  • Wisteria (purple) – CC5
  • Red Currant (red) – CC6


Before I started, I familiarised myself with the techniques below:


I also decided to add the extra YO at the start of each WS and have placed a marker to remind me to do the YO after the first stitch on the WS and to drop it on the RS.


On the Spice Market

On the Spice Market fail


Doh!  I was about to do Section 2 (using MC) for the 3rd time when I realised I have been doing it wrong!  I forgot to divide the stitch count by 3 and placed the 2 markers in the wrong places :(.  I decided to frog back to yellow and start again.


Progress pic of On the Spice Market

Progress pic of On the Spice Market


Ahh much better!  Now to start the 4th colour :).



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