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Fractal Danger

Aug 21, 16 Fractal Danger

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Winter is finally here!  I have decided to knit myself a scarf/shawl named Fractal Danger by Martina Behm.  I recently purchased an Australian Merino/Silk sport weight yarn in light grey.  The yarn is really soft and yummy! The pattern is so easy that I’ve decided to knit the garter rows using Continental Method as I need more practise in that method.  I’m a self-taught English Method knitter and have been learning the Continental Method using a class on Craftsy: Knit Faster With Continental Knitting with Lorilee Beltman.  Lorilee is a wonderful teacher and I’m learning heaps! I’m hoping I can finish this before it gets too warm to use it and also get better with Continental knitting.  I can knit but still struggling with purl and everything else.  Will get there one day :)....

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Hmm Raspberry Coconut Slice

Aug 07, 16 Hmm Raspberry Coconut Slice

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Yes I’m baking again!  This time it’s Raspberry Coconut Slice.  My son made it at school and forgot to get a copy of the recipe.  We have emailed the teacher to see if we can get a copy.  In the mean time, there’s always google.  I found a few recipes but only one is close to the recipe my son used at school.  The recipe is called Jam and Coconut Slice and can be found on Food to Love website.     We wanted it to be as close to the recipe from school as possible so I used all Self-Raising (SR) flour instead of a combination of SR flour and plain flour.  We also used less jam as we did not have enough jam and I added extra coconut to the topping as it looked too moist.  The Raspberry Coconut Slice was not exactly the same but it still tasted delicious!!! Definitely a recipe I will make again but I think next time I will use all SR flour, use more jam and not add extra coconut to the topping....

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Scones scones scones!

Aug 06, 16 Scones scones scones!

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My son decided to do Home Ec in high school this semester and have been bringing home some yummy baked food.  This has rekindled my interest in baking.  One of the first things he made at school was a Cheese Damper.  It was yummy so I decided to give it a go.  I made a Cheese Damper and a plain damper (sorry no pics).  The plain one reminded me of scones so I googled for some quick scones recipes to try.  I found some recipes using thickened cream or double cream instead of butter. The recipe using thickened cream is called Ultimate Scones and can be found on Delicious website.  This recipe was really easy to do and the scones were yummy straight out of the oven.  They were really light and fluffy.  Sorry for the mismatched shaped scones!  My daughters decided to help with the rolling and cutting out of the scones.   The other recipe using double cream is called Cream Scones Recipe and can be found on UK Telegraph website.  I didn’t have any double cream so I used thickened cream instead.  My poor scones didn’t rise at all but they were still yummy and really light!  Sorry about the pic.  My girls started eating them before I could take a pic of them all!   I tried this recipe again but this time I added some baking powder.  They rose more this time and tasted just as yummy.  These were also really light and fluffy!  Sorry about the pic.  Again my girls attacked the scones as soon as they came out of the oven.   Next to try is this Vanilla Scones recipe from that uses thickened cream and vanilla essence.  Can’t wait to try it as it sounds and looks yummy!...

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Craftsy’s Photographing Flowers with Harold Davis

Mar 02, 16 Craftsy’s Photographing Flowers with Harold Davis

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Wow I can not believe it’s been ~14 months since my last post!  I have been crafting but it has taken a back seat to my studying which I completed in December 2015.  Hopefully I now have more time for crafting this year :). I have set myself some life goals and one of them is to improve my manual photography skills especially in macro photography.  I am a BIG fan of Craftsy so naturally I looked for a suitable photography class there.  There are a lot of wonderful photography classes with two classes on Flower Photography.  I couldn’t decide so I went with Photographing Flowers with Harold Davis  based on reviews. I am enjoying the lessons I have done so far.  I’m currently at Lesson 5 and have gained enough knowledge to have a go in taking close up pics of some flowers in my garden.  Here are my attempts:     These photos were scaled down and saved at a lower resolution for my blog because of my slow Internet speed.  These photos look so much better at the original size and higher resolution!  The details are amazing when  you zoom in especially the first photo.  When you zoom in the original, you could see the fur (is that the right word?) on the outside of the pink hibiscus bud! I should add that our 5 1/2 year old Sony DSLR camera died on us this week so we had to buy a new DSLR camera.  We went with Canon EOS 760D with a kit 18-135mm kit lens.  I am slowly familiarising myself with the camera and I’m loving it!!...

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Chart 2 of Ashton Shawlette

Jan 12, 15 Chart 2 of Ashton Shawlette

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I am having so much fun knitting the Ashton Shawlette.  My only problem is the summer temperatures here in Brisbane!  So looking forward to cooler weather so I can continue :). I hate frogging so I have put in a couple of lifelines: one at the end of Chart 1 and another at the end of first repeat of Chart 2.  Here is the latest photo.  I just started the second repeat of Chart 2 :).   Shawl Details: Yarn I am using is Shalimar Yarns Breathless: Sapote colourway. Pattern I am using is Ashton Shawlette....

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Minecraft Creeper Quilt Completed

Jan 08, 15 Minecraft Creeper Quilt Completed

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Yay!  I finally completed the Minecraft Creeper quilt for my son who turned 13 years old recently.  I wanted something quick and easy to sew up so I made the Creeper quilt with large 7″ squares.  To make the quilt more rectangle in shape, I added 10″ dark grey border to the top and bottom of the quilt.  LOL I think I made it too big as it’s a little big for his single sized bed!  Plenty for him to wrap himself in, right :).   Below are some pics of the last stages of making this Creeper quilt.     Not sure why but the black fabric attracted all the fluff from the batting!!  Creeper quilt have since been washed, fluff brushed off and gifted to my son.  My son loves the quilt and started using it straight away :).   Quilt Details: Finished size is 70″ x 90″ Pieced and quilted by me Binding was done by sewing machine (binding sewn to back first then front of quilt)   Linking up with Sew Cute at Blossom Heart Quilts (6th Jan 2015) and TGIFF at Quilt Matters (9th Jan 2015)....

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